I rebooted and did not see anything!

Don't forget:


My keyboard/mouse does not work!

You probably need:




I got a lot of unresolved symbol when installing kernel modules!

You need the current module-init-tools version (0.9.13 or higher non "pre" version). You probably have just the old modutils. module-init-tools are a backward compatible update.

You may have too old modutils version too, I recommend >= 2.4.21.

For the location of the files look at: kernel_2.6_howto.html

To test your module-init-tools version type:

  depmod -V

If it answers 2.4.* you have just modutils of that version. If it says 0.9.* you have modutils + module-init-tools.

This kernel is sh*t: Less interactive than 2.4!

Well you need to turn on preemption: CONFIG_PREEMPT=y

I have preemption on and it hangs every few seconds!

Maybe you have reiserfs? Try to mount it with

  mount -o remount,nolargeio=1 /dev/hda1 /

or alternatively, in fstab:

  /dev/hda1   /   reiserfs   defaults,nolargeio=1   1   1

(above is untested, I have not rebooted yet ;-)

Open Sound System is DEPRECATED!

They want you to use ALSA. Get to know the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture here:

Somehow people seem to have to turn up the volumes differently from OSS. So you may have to play around and/or save your settings with aumix.

Where is: /proc/ksyms?

There: /proc/kallsyms

I want/need sysfs!

In /etc/fstab add:

  none    /sys  sysfs   defaults  0 0

Then search for proc in your startup scripts and add a similar line for sysfs. Somewhere you should then have something like: 'mount -t sysfs /sys /sys'

USB does not work!

I have 3 USB controllers. 2 USB 1.1 and one USB 2.0. When I boot just the USB 2.0 controller gets initialized. I have to 'modprobe uhci_hcd' by hand. (I recommend to use just modules for USB/IEEE1394)

agpgart does not work, but the module is loaded!

You need an additional module for you hardware. e.g. for athlon-k7 its: amd_k7_agp

VMWare does not work!

Replace all occurrences of '/proc/ksyms' with '/proc/kallsyms' in ''. And install the vmware-any-any-update from: Then run: ''

Network does not work!

Booting with "noapic" "acpi=off" may help. This may also help with other hardware problems.

Further information

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