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Battery issues

When I bought my iPod it had a limited warranty of 90 days, which is kind of a joke. Somehow due to european legislation it was extended to one year. After 1.5 years a decrease in battery time was experienced. Within 2 month it went down to 1/3 of the original capacity. Of course there was no official statement from Apple yet ...

I bought a replacement kit (for the original iPod). The capacity of the replacement battery is actually higher than the original. I'm very happy with it and it was way cheaper to replace it myself.

One thing is very important: Do buy the kit. You can open the iPod with a screwdriver, but you will scratch it...

Another thing is that the explanation for opening the iPod is not quite accurate, but fiddling around does the trick - 3 minutes and its open.

A lot of lithium ion batteries last longer and have more charge cycles. I did not recharge my iPod more often than necessay. Approx. every 3rd day which means 150 recharges in 18 month. The battery meter did not work accurately for over 12 month (firmware problem), so sometimes the battery was fully drained. This did not help the batteries life but was not my fault ... So the battery of my original 5 GB iPod was either broken or very low quality from the beginning and the non existent (kind of binary - after the first bar was gone there was 1/2 hour left) battery meter did its part and therefore the battery should have been replaced by Apple for free, which would also be required by european law (2 year warranty fo all items), but after 6 month the customer has to prove that the battery was broken at the time of purchase, which is impossible / too expensive for me ...


The reason that Apple made the generous $99 replacement plan: Watch this movie ;-)

A lot of people have the same problem, so there is a FAQ now.

This is the MP3 player I would buy now: The Rio Karma ... Nobody sells me a broken battery twice ;-) (My first 2 MP3 players were Rio players with flash memory and I liked them a lot ...)

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